Narghilea / Shisha

Shisha Flavors – 39 lei

LADY KILLERFragrant melon, juicy sweet mango, a light shade of forest berries and soft mint.

HAWAIISweet, juicy mango, with a small sourness of pineapple and the pleasant freshness of mint.

BLUE ICE A fruity fresh blueberry flavor.

WIND OF AMAZON With a very fresh, herbal flavor.

DOUBLE MELONWatermelon and sweet melon mixed together to create something great. A candied watermelon and a vibrant ripe melon flavor.

RIO KISSFruity-fresh taste, with watermelon, ice, passion fruit, and strawberry.

ANGEL LIPSTaste of juicy aromatic melon, gradually revealing in the sweetness of ripe raspberries, complemented by mint.

STRAWBERRY BANANAFruity-sweet strawberry and banana flavor.

ICE BON BONA very fresh mint-menthol mix, freezes the throat from the very first puffs.

LOVE 66 – A tropical mix of passion fruit, honeydew melon, watermelon, and mint.

THREE ANGELSA refreshing mix of passion fruit, citrus, and mint.

ORANGE A mildly sweet flavor with a taste of orange lollipop.

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